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Verizon High Speed Internet Enhanced DSL
The Enhanced (formerly Verizon Faster/Fastest DSL) plan from Verizon is a huge step up from their basic DSL offering. With this plan you will get anywhere from 1.1 - 15Mbps download speeds. This is plenty for bandwidth-heavy applications like viewing movies online, gaming and map downloads and the like.

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Verizon High Speed Internet Enhanced DSL Plan Details

(formerly Verizon Faster/Fastest DSL)

Verizon's High Speed Internet Enhanced inhabits the perfect space between their basic DSL and their blazing fast fiber-optic plans. Fast enough for most home users,  Enhanced DSL gives you enough speed to stream videos, download music and much more.

Do you work online? If so, you know the importance of not only having a consistent internet connection, but a fast one. You don't have time to wait minutes for pages to load when you have customers, readers or bids waiting; your internet connection needs to be fast.

Perhaps you have a gamer in the household, or more than one computer and you all want to be online at once. At slower speeds things can begin to hang, leaving you waiting for a something to connect. You don't have to worry about that with High Speed Internet Enhanced because it has the speed to handle it all.

This package, as with the other Verizon plans, also includes 9 email accounts, as well as 10MB of online storage. You may not think you need all that at first, but the more time you spend online, the more useful you may find these features. Videos, music files, photos -- all these tend to sit on computer hard drives just taking up room. Put some, or all, online in your own storage vault and they are there when you need them. But invisible when you don't.

When it comes to high speed DSL, even with Verizon's High Speed Internet Enhanced package you are somewhat tethered to a phone line. Or you would be if a free wireless router were not included in each plan. If you need to find a quiet room in the house to write, or want to be outside with the kids while you are working from home, Verizon's wireless router gives you the freedom to do so.

Why multiple email accounts? You can assign one to each family member, use one for business and another for personal use or many other combinations. You are not required to use them, of course, but it's nice they are there if you need them.

Start with the plan that has all you need, and room to grow. If you outgrow this Verizon high speed internet Enhanced, though, remember that there are even more options available in the form of FiOS (fiber optic) services.

You might also want to take a look at Verizon's bundle plans as well. They offer a wide array of options which allow you to combine internet, TV and phone service all in one convenient bill. This saves hassle and saves lots of money on your monthly bill when compared to paying separately for each service.


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