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Verizon High Speed Internet DSL
With the entry-level Verizon DSL plan (formerly Verizon Fast DSL) you get enough bandwidth to surf, email and browse the web (streaming video may be an option as well), but this is the slowest of the two strictly DSL plans that they offer. For less modest broadband requirements you would do well to look at they next higher plan referred to as Enhanced.

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Verizon High Speed Internet DSL Plan Details

(formerly Verizon Fast DSL)

As a casual user of the internet -- someone who spends their time online mainly surfing websites, shopping, sending out emails and networking with friends -- Verizon's High Speed Internet DSL is just what you need.

Verizon's High Speed DSL packs enough power to let you move quickly from site to site and easily download a few music files or photos. Blogging, writing on Facebook or Twitter and like activities don't require having the top internet speeds (and paying top internet prices). You can even easily watch online videos without the frustration of them endlessly “buffering” because even the least fast high speed DSL is faster than dialup.

Online safety and security are important, though, no matter how casual an internet user you may be. Verizon understands this, which is why the Verizon High Speed Internet DSL package comes with standard security features, for a nominal fee. Protect your computer against “phishing” scams, virus attacks and hackers that attempt to make it through your firewall.

Surf and talk on the phone at the same time with your Verizon high speed DSL installation. Unlike with dialup, you do not have to choose to do one or the other with DSL technology. If you don't want to be tied down to a room or a line, though, a free wireless modem is included in the Verizon High Speed Internet package. You can sit on your patio or porch and watch the sunrise while you tap away on your computer.

High speed internet DSL is fast, though if you plan to download a lot of full-length movies or engage in serious gaming online, you may want to upgrade. That is easy enough. Whether you want your internet to be blazing fast, or just fast enough, Verizon has a package and a speed that will fit almost any need and budget.


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