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AT&T High Speed Internet Express DSL
Express DSL from AT&T is a step up from slower plans like Basic, but is not by any means the fastest plan available. If your bandwidth needs are relatively light you can probably get away with a 1Mbps plan. For more aggressive users who need faster and higher bandwidth for gaming, streaming movies, etc, you will want to look at the higher services levels of the Pro and Elite service levels.

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AT&T High Speed Internet Express DSL Plan Details

The AT&T Express DSL is the choice of people looking for a reliable, speedy and cost effective Internet service. Not the fastest package, DSL Express is still fast enough for casual web surfing, emailing, quick loading of even graphic-heavy web pages, and social networking.

People use the Internet in a variety of ways, and for any number of reasons. Serious researchers have quick access to even obscure facts and figures, while those more interested in popular culture can keep up with the latest entertainment news and gossip. Express DSL gets you online quickly and safely; the rest is up to you, as you personalize your web experience to suit your needs.

Activation of AT&T High Speed Express DSL is simple, and often free. Because the DSL goes through your regular phone lines, setup is minimal and often can be done without a visit from a technician. And with DSL there is no worry about missing calls or having your phone line occupied; you can talk on the phone and surf the web at the same time.

WiFi HotSpots

On the go a lot? All AT&T High Speed DSL packages come with free wifi hotspots throughout the nation, so you are not dependent only on your home DSL. If you find yourself outside of a DSL or wifi area, you are still not completely cut off from the Internet. Dialup numbers for almost every region of the United States make sure that you can still get online.

Ease of Web Browsing

Among those that most appreciate both the fast speeds of AT&T Express DSL, and the ease of access and personalization, are shoppers. Holiday shoppers, of course, take full advantage of the opportunity to do instant price comparisons and to find the best gift for the best value. Year round shoppers and sellers, as well as those that bid and sell on auction sites, appreciate having the ability to speedily click and buy or sell without browser hang ups.

Though High-Speed Internet Express DSL is competitively priced, especially the promotional prices, this is not always a consideration for young people and teens. What may be more important there is that they can download music without it taking all day, view videos or television shows online and interact with their friends in myriad ways. Parents can make sure that their children only have access to age-appropriate material online with AT&T's parental controls.

Online Storage

When it comes to keeping or backing up your music, videos, important research or anything else, by the way, AT&T's Express DSL 2GB of online storage makes it simple. Just upload the items that you wish to store and you have an instant copy of them online. You can access your storage from any computer, for work or school or for whatever you need.

Express DSL Features

Dynamic IP - When you're IP changes so does your identity on the internet. This helps protect you from unwanted intrustions, viruses, etc.

Firewall Protection - Top of the line firewall software protects your computer from unauthorized access. Email virus protection software keeps your system safe from malicious emails.

Instant Video Messaging - With AT&T Messenger with video you can chat with friends and family  in full video-chat.

Eliminate Pop-Up Ads - An integrated pop-up blocker prevents those annoying ads from interrupting your Internet experience.

Children Safety  - Controls what your children are able to access with full parental controls.

Free Dial-Up Access - Complimentary nation-wide dialup access.

 Express DSL Spam Blocking - High quality spam filters block what you don't want and keep what you want to keep.

AT&T Broadband Comparisons

There is more than one AT&T High Speed Internet DSL package available and you can do comparisons to see which one best suits your preferences and your pocketbook.

AT&T Basic DSLAT&T Express DSLAT&T Pro DSLAT&T Elite DSL
  • Downstream: Up to 768 Kbps
  • Upstream: Up to 384 Kbps
  • Downstream: Up 1.5 Mbps
  • Upstream: Up to 384 Kbps
  • Downstream: Up to 3.0 Mbps
  • Upstream: Up to 512 Kbps
  • Downstream: Up to 6.0 Mbps
  • Upstream: Up to 768 Kbps


Related Video: AT&T 3G iPad Internet Speed Test vs AT&T Express Home DSL

As you can see, the express dsl plan is somewhat on-par with AT&T's 3G wireless data service. But you need to note the added notes to this video. Namely the part about latency. The Express plan's latency is about 34 milliseconds. Whereas the 3G version has about 500 milliseconds of latency. The conclusion being, wired dsl in your home is almost always going to provide a superior internet experience.

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