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AT&T High Speed Internet Direct DSL Pro
AT&T High Speed Internet Direct DSL Pro is available at only $29.95 per month for the first 6 months! You don't need phone service to order this plan. Direct DSL Pro offers varying speeds. Direct Pro boasts one of the faster speeds on offer, second only to DSL Elite speeds.

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AT&T High Speed Internet Direct DSL Pro Plan Details

AT&T Direct DSL Pro DSL Service - Without the Phone.

At one time in order to have DSL service, you also had to have landline phone service--whether you wanted it or not. Those days are over, though. With products like AT&T Direct DSL Pro, you can have the fast downloads and the blazing speeds of DSL without having any phone service at all.

As more technology come online, companies work to better accommodate the changing times and the needs of their customers. According to surveys commissioned by the CDC, about three out of ten U.S. households have no landline service at all . This number is increasing yearly as more people switch to mobile phone service only. AT&T Direct DSL Pro keeps up with the demand of these households that have eliminated traditional phone service, yet do not want to give up their DSL connections.

Benefit of the AT&T Direct DSL Pro Service Plan

How can AT&T Direct DSL Pro benefit you in your home or business? DSL speeds vary; DSL Direct Pro boasts one of the faster speeds on offer, second only to the DSL Elite speeds. Good speed and a reliable connection are must haves for many businesses, and for anyone that works or does business online. If you have ever attempted to download movies or sometimes even music on one of the slower connections, you are well able to see the advantages of a high download speed. It saves not only time, but frustration from watching the slow progress of your download.


But what about price? The price of connecting in general is on the downswing, and AT&T DSL Direct Pro is no different. The prices of the AT&T Direct packages are reasonable, competitive, and probably far lower than you may think. Don't be put off by your experiences in years past; things change quickly online and in the communication field. Competition opens up many different avenues for the consumer and smart companies make sure that they keep in front of the field. AT&T has created packages to choose from that can fit within almost any budget.

If you are away from your home or your DSL line, too, you don't have to depend on other software or a different connection. The AT&T Direct DSL Pro package includes AT&T wifi, as do the other packages at the various price levels. A security suite, to keep your computer(s) safe online, is standard with some packages and offered at a nominal fee with others. All the plans have other features, such as online storage, multiple email addresses and a dialup account for unexpected situations.

If you've been putting off trying DSL because you thought you'd be committing to having a landline installed, or because you have been wary of the price, now is the time to give it another try. The AT&T Direct DSL Pro package is fast enough for almost any activity, provides various benefits to the users, and frees you up to enjoy your mobile phone connection while still having great DSL service.

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