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AT&T High Speed Internet Basic DSL
This entry level plan from AT&T delivers plenty of broadband horsepower for the home user with relatively light bandwidth requirements. Email, web surfing, and even viewing YouTube videos are an option. Even at the Basic plan offering, though, a 384k to 768k download speed will feel much fasterthan slower technologies like modems or ISDN, for example.

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AT&T High Speed Internet Basic DSL Plan Details

Not everyone needs to leave a comet trail behind them as they blaze through the Internet at super-high speeds. For some people, AT&T's High Speed Internet Basic DSL is just perfect. Much faster than dialup, Basic DSL loads web pages quickly and lets you download programs and music, check email and easily chat on social networks. In case you'd like to start your own site or blog, your customizable web page is included in the package.

The benefits of AT&T's Basic DSL do not stop there, though.

Stay Safe Online

Online safety and security are a major concern of some Internet users. While it may not be possible to be completely safe online, there are safety measures included with AT&T High Speed Internet Basic that go a long way toward sealing any security gaps.

Dynamic IP addresses make it difficult for hackers and other malicious persons to get a lock on you. Your computer gets a new IP address each time you log on, which is aids in keeping you and your computer safe online.

The included firewall throws up barriers to anyone attempting to gain unauthorized access to your computer. The antivirus software scans your emails, the websites you visit, and the links you may click to protect you from malicious elements.

The Basic plan also allows you to block annoying, and sometimes infected, popup ads and SPAM email. Parents enjoy the sense of security that the parental controls give them.

Stay in Touch

With the Internet, you never have to lose touch with friends or family even if they are far away. Or even if you are away from your DSL. Included, standard, with your Basic DSL is AT&T Messenger. You can chat, instant message, send videos and never let a day go by without visiting with someone important to you, if you like.

If you find yourself away from your home, and High-Speed Basic DSL, you don't have to suffer the deprivation of not being online. Your package includes access to free dialup, with numbers that you can access throughout the United States.

The AT&T Basic DSL package provides everything you need to get started online. If, later, you decide you need more speed, an easy upgrade to one of AT&T's other feature-rich DSL packages can be done with only a phone call.


Good for light internet users Green Checkmark
Instant Messaging Green Checkmark
Security Features & Spam Protection Green Checkmark
Dynamic IP Address Green Checkmark
Download Speed Up to 768 Kbps
Upload Speed Up to 128 Kbps


AT&T Broadband Comparisons

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