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Order Verizon FiOS Internet 50/20 Mbps (formerly Verizon Fastest Fiber Optic plan

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Verizon FiOS Internet 50/20 Mbps (formerly Verizon Fastest Fiber Optic plan
As you might expect, Verizon's 50Mbps plan (formerly Verizon Fastest Fiber Optic plan) is blazing fast. This plan is well suited for those who do a great deal of downloading or streaming. If you do a lot of streaming of movies online or downloading very large files regularly, then this plan is for you. You will not likely find it lacking when it comes to speed and bandwidth utilization. It's perfect for the daily gamer who needs all the bandwidth and responsiveness they can get.

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Verizon FiOS Internet 50/20 Mbps (formerly Verizon Fastest Fiber Optic plan Plan Details

Got dedicated gamers in the house? Serious Internet power users? Then the Verizon FiOS Internet 50/20 Mbps Plan is probably the one you'll want to look at. The Verizon FiOS 50/20 plan is top of the line in speed, with enough power to accommodate multiple users in the house at once, even if they are all gamers.

Of course there are other reasons besides gaming to settle for nothing less than the fastest fiber-optic Internet. People who make their living on the Internet, movie buffs who regularly download HD quality movies, and others take comfort in knowing that no matter what they need the speed for, it is there.

Verizon's FiOS Internet 50/20 Mbps Plan includes many features that make your online experience one of the best.


Customizable personal web space. If you've always wanted to start your own blog, run a site that talks showcases antiques or anything else, the space to do it is included in your Verizon FiOS plan.


Because Verizon doesn't use “throttling” or “boosting” to control usage or access, your connection is consistently fast, no matter how much you use it. This is doubly important if you are using your Verizon FiOS 50/20 Mbps plan to run your own server and host sites, for instance. In some cases, your business and livelihood depends on your having the best speed and connections.

Security on and offline

Verizon's Internet Security Suite protects your computer from hackers, email spammers, those who want to introduce malicious viruses and more. You can surf the Internet in safety, and know that the two-way firewall is protecting your computer and information whether you are at the keyboard or not.


All the other features are wonderful, but when people sign up for the Verizon FiOS Internet 50/20 Mbps Plan, let's face it; what is most important is that it is fast. Really fast. Fast enough to upload an entire album of heavy graphics or photos in seconds. Fast enough to download hours of movies, musical compilations and games and have them hit the designated folders almost before you are aware of it. Fast enough to load even graphics-heavy websites in an instant, without a hint of strain. Perhaps Verizon FiOS 50/20 Mbps is not quite at the speed of thought, yet, but for some things it is pretty close.


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