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Order Verizon FiOS Internet 15/5 Mbps (formerly Verizon Fast Fiber Optic plan)

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Verizon FiOS Internet 15/5 Mbps (formerly Verizon Fast Fiber Optic plan)
For speeds faster than DSL look toward current fiber optic internet service offerings. If they are available in your area, they tend to out perform comparable internet services in terms of speed and raw bandwidth. Verizon's network is top of the line and growing every month. You can't go wrong.

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Verizon FiOS Internet 15/5 Mbps (formerly Verizon Fast Fiber Optic plan) Plan Details

Verizon FiOS Internet is broadband served through fiber-optic lines, which means that it is very fast, very clear and always on.  At 15/5 Mbps upload and download speed, the Verizon FiOS Internet 15/5 Mbps Plan is the slowest of the three, yet is still blazing fast compared to what some other companies offer. Is it fast enough or powerful enough for you, though? Here are some common activities conducted at these speeds.


When it comes to online communication, there is a lot of ground to cover. Some people prefer to email back and forth to their friends, whether they write long letters or short notes. Not only can the Verizon FiOS 15/5 plan very easily handle this, it also is great for instant messaging and, of course, chatting on social networks. Many times the social network notes are necessarily short but when they number in the hundreds, as with some people, the brevity of the messages no longer matters.


It seems that almost everyone has a blog these days. Some belong to entire communities of bloggers with like interests, even if they have their own separate sites. Consistency is important in blogging, and for news blogs, getting and disseminating the news quickly helps bring in readers. Verizon's FiOS Internet 15/5 Mbps Plan is plenty fast enough to ensure that there are few or no hiccups in getting your information out to the world.


One of the great things about the Internet is that there are so many interesting, and often free, things to download. Music, pictures, applications and more—but some people pass that up because their Internet speed cannot handle it. Few want to wait hours to use a program or view a video. The Verizon FiOS 15/5 plan easily handles all but the largest downloads, and won't leave you hanging waiting for the downloading to finally complete.

There are, of course, as many uses for the Internet as there are people using it. No one speed is perfect for everyone, which is why upgrading to the next or higher level is such a simple task. Your Verizon FiOS also includes other features for both your comfort and safety online.

A wireless router for your home, and surroundings, wireless Internet use, plus free wireless hotspots all over the nation.

9 email accounts enough, in most cases, for each person in the family or household to have their own.

10MB of online storage, so that you can store photos, music files and other items that you may not want to take up room on your computer.

And, for a small fee, the FiOS Internet 15/5 Mbps Plan also includes the Verizon Internet Security Suite, with anti-virus protection, parental controls and firewalls to make sure your computer stays safe while you are online.


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