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AT&T High Speed Internet Direct DSL Elite
AT&T High Speed Internet Direct DSL Elite is available at only $34.95 per month (no term required). The fastest connection that AT&T offers is the Elite plan at 6.0 Mbps. This is a great internet-only plan for games and high-bandwidth users who want a stable connection with room to grow and a great ping.

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AT&T High Speed Internet Direct DSL Elite Plan Details

If you need the top DSL speeds for downloading movies, playing games or just being able to blaze along online, but you don't have a phone line, AT&T Direct DSL Elite may be just the package for you. With AT&T Direct DSL, the need to tie in the DSL to a landline phone is eliminated. Today's DSL works with how you work and with your mobile life. Here are just a few advantages to signing up and trying the AT&T Direct DSL Elite package:


Direct DSL Elite is AT&T top line in speedy performance. If you need, or maybe just want, your broadband connection to be fast enough to handle any download without a problem, this is the package for you. With speeds up to 6 Mbps upstream and 768 Kbps downstream, your movies sail right in, and smaller downloads appear almost before you know it.

No Phone Needed

In today's mobile society, more and more people are switching from having at least two phones--one landline and one mobile--to having only a mobile phone. It times past, DSL customers did not have that option, though; in order to have DSL , they had to have a phone line installed in their home. With newer technology available, consumers no longer are forced into having, and paying for, that home phoneline if they don't want to. AT&T's Direct DSL Elite takes care of both the speed and the mobility.


Speaking of mobility, when you order AT&T Direct DSL Elite service you are getting an entire package that recognizes that you are not going to always be at home. Your package includes free wifi at hundreds of hot spots around the nation, as well as a dialup number in case you are somewhere where neither your DSL nor wifi is available. It's slow, sure, but fine for checking emails, during casual web surfing and just staying connected to friends and family in your temporary location.

Added Features

The AT&T Direct DSL Elite package comes loaded with quite a few things you may need to operate in the online environment. Free online storage for your photos, videos and music lets you have backups of all your stuff--something you will be grateful for if you have a computer crash or other incident. With 11 email addresses likely everyone in your family can have their own private email account that includes web based access so that they can read it anywhere. Online security is always a concern and AT&T recognizes this, too. Your AT&T Direct DSL Elite package includes a complete security suite so that you can be sure that your computer is protected while you wander about online.

Whatever your needs are and, perhaps more importantly, whatever your budget is, there is likely an AT&T Direct DSL package to match. Not everyone needs the highest speeds, but even the Elite package is at a comfortable price for most people. If you try one of the lower priced, and lower speed, packages and find that they just don't pack enough of a punch for you, upgrading to AT&T Direct DSL Elite is just a click away.

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