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Order AT&T High Speed Internet Direct DSL Basic

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AT&T High Speed Internet Direct DSL Basic
No home telephone? No problem! You can get AT&T Direct DSL Basic without home phone service for only $19.95 a month for the first 6 months! Order Direct DSL Pro online today!

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AT&T High Speed Internet Direct DSL Basic Plan Details

Now you can order AT&T High-Speed Internet Direct DSL Basic from AT&T, the nation's largest wired and wireless broadband provider, even if you don't have residential phone service! With broadband Internet from AT&T, you'll surf at fast Internet access speeds at home and on the go, with access to thousands of hotspots from the nation's largest Wi-Fi network. Get AT&T DSL Direct Basic without traditional local phone service while still enjoying all the same great high-speed Internet features. AT&T offers Internet without a phone line, or with phone service.

When you get AT&T High Speed Internet, you're getting broadband from a name you know and trust, backed by years of experience.

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