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Order AT&T UVerse High Speed Internet, TV and Phone Service


Combine TV, Phone and Internet into one bill with ATT U-Verse

In today's world, there is more to your life that internet access alone. You may be subscribed to online digital service through your television provider (DVRs, etc). You might even have a separate telephone service that providers free or low cost long distance or VoIP services. All of this is in addition to your separate high speed internet plan.

Major providers have recognized this situation and have created bundle packages that allow you to combine all of those services -- internet, digital TV and digital phone service -- into one service from one provider with one monthly bill. AT&T U-Verse is ATT's a-la-carte offering and allow you to combine these services any way you like. Don't need phone service? That's OK. You can combine high speed internet and TV service and leave out the phone service.

What does all of this cost? Is it cheaper?
Most customers who combine their bill save quite handsomely on their overall service. Of course, this depends on what services you are replacing, combining, how much they cost currently and other factors. Review the UVerse service levels below to find a plan that meets your needs.

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AT&T U-verse Internet Max Turbo 24 Mbps

With the speed of Internet Max Turbo, you can do just about anything you want online quickly. Download multiple movies, run your own server to host websites, stream video for webcams or conferencing and more. AT&T U-verse Internet Max Turbo is top-of-the-line in speed and performance.

AT&T U-verse Internet Max Plus 18 Mbps

Second fastest, but no turtle, AT&T U-verse Internet Max Plus allows you to do much of the above, at slightly lower speeds. If you do not have super heavy data loads you may not even notice the difference. Try it first, if you like--you can always upgrade if you need more power and speed.

AT&T U-verse Internet Max 12 Mbps

Streaming videos? Downloading lots of music? The AT&T U-verse Internet Max package lets you do that, at good speeds, though not as quickly as the higher speed packages. This one is good for the casual web surfer that only sometimes needs a burst of speed.

AT&T U-verse Internet Elite 6.0 Mbps

This little package comes in at almost twice the speed of AT&T's highest phone-based DSL package, yet allows you the freedom of not having a phone. A good choice for downloading music, casual web surfing, emailing and social networking.

AT&T U-verse Internet Pro 3.0 Mbps

The still fast AT&T U-verse Internet Pro packs quite a punch for its size. Download videos and music, surf the Internet, hang out online on your never-offline connection and enjoy the online safety and security provided by the U-verse packages.

AT&T U-verse Internet Express 1.5 Mbps

Do you just surf the web reading blogs, a few websites and only occasionally download things? The AT&T U-verse Internet Express can easily fulfill your needs, with enough speed for most casual Internet use.

AT&T U-verse Internet Basic 768 Kbps

The most affordable of all the AT&T U-verse plans, AT&T U-verse Internet Basic is perfect for surfing the web, writing on your blog, sending instant messages and social networking. You can also download files, though the larger ones will take longer. If most of your time online is spent in areas where speed is not an issue, though, this economic package can be the perfect choice.

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Extra features
  • Free Spam Protection
  • Software Firewall Shield
  • High quality video & instant messaging
  • Intuitive Parental Controls
  • Free Nationwide Dial-up Numbers
  • Note: No existing phone service required for ATT Uverse™
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